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As the name states, Lead Media, is a frontier in there line of work. They asked for a professional and web 2.0 feel. Our team put that and more into it.

Family Fun

This German social web site needed a new look to there site. They asked for something that is warming and enjoyable to come back to time after time. They wanted the users to be able to navigate with ease and still have the advanced controls to customize all they would ever want.

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GBP Bonds Solutions

GBP is a Bonds Solutions company based in sunny California. They wanted a welcoming look for new clients to come to and right to the point information. Further more they wanted to be able to stand out from the compition.

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Crafts By You

Enjoy doing home-made crafts? Well this site is perfect for you. This design is made for all those do-it-your self people out there that love to put together decoritive projects together for any occation.

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Give IQ

Give IQ is a community created and ran by the community. Give IQ is an innovative online platform for philanthropy. They engage volunteeers and other supporters and help them help you.

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Site has moved

Due to recent changes we are excited to announce that wabash Studios now www.wabashStudios.com. We have moved to another server with our own domain. Also we have switched from wordpress to joomla for many reasons, some just to try something new. ;) We hope that everyone likes the new design and make sure to check it out soon. Many new updates will be put online including downloads, tutorials, articles, and more.


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Video Game Graphics Between 1990-2008

“Remembering the good all days, when me and my friends were playing Doom, Mortal Kombat, Quake or War Craft on a Pentium 133 MHz computer with Sound Blaster and a 4MB video card. A lot has changed since then.”

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20 Must have Bookmarks for Web Designers

Bookmarks are often used to save a certain page that is of interest to you. With just a click you can re-visit the information that you need.

Here is a list of 20 very helpful web designer and developer bookmarks. [...]

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30 Stunning Photoshop Fire & Explosive Tutorials

When people run into a situation where they aren’t completely sure how to create a specific effect or design they normally turn to tutorials. Photoshop tutorials are made by others to help teach techniques and tricks to others. They help designers improve and advance in their own work.

Fire, flames or explosions are frequently used effects in everyday design. In general, they look hard to implement, specially to create a quality one.

Here are 30 stunning fire & explosion Photoshop tutorials which describe the steps well, have beautiful outputs & shows that such effects are not that difficult to create. [...]

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