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As the name states, Lead Media, is a frontier in there line of work. They asked for a professional and web 2.0 feel. Our team put that and more into it.

Family Fun

This German social web site needed a new look to there site. They asked for something that is warming and enjoyable to come back to time after time. They wanted the users to be able to navigate with ease and still have the advanced controls to customize all they would ever want.

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GBP Bonds Solutions

GBP is a Bonds Solutions company based in sunny California. They wanted a welcoming look for new clients to come to and right to the point information. Further more they wanted to be able to stand out from the compition.

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Crafts By You

Enjoy doing home-made crafts? Well this site is perfect for you. This design is made for all those do-it-your self people out there that love to put together decoritive projects together for any occation.

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Give IQ

Give IQ is a community created and ran by the community. Give IQ is an innovative online platform for philanthropy. They engage volunteeers and other supporters and help them help you.

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In’s and Out’s of Business Cards

A business card is your company’s identity. It provides vital information for possible clients as a memory aid. They provide information such as your company name, address, phone number, fax number, e-mail and website. They are shared during formal introductions and business meetings.

When you leave your business card with a person you are leaving your own identity on that piece of paper. Because it is your identity your business card should state who you are, what you do, and how to contact you for further information. You should not overwhelm the paper with words, but should show what you do with an overall image.

Business cards have many different parts to them. Many people might not think about it but a business card can contain many parts to make a single end product. [...]

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Create and Edit your 404 page

After posting the article about the 404 Error Showcase we received many questions about how to make and change your very own 404 error page. We thought that it would be very helpful to all the users if we wrote a tutorial on how to do that.

When a user trys to get to a certain page and ends up on a 404 error page they can become very aggravated. With a custom 404 error page users will have a less frustrating time trying to find the missing page they are looking for. [...]

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404 Error Showcase

You see them all the time, 404 error pages. You don’t even think twice about what is even on the page besides the fact that the information you are looking for isn’t there. Once you don’t find your intended destination, either from a bad or outdated link, or a typo in the page url, you’ll hope to be greeted by a helpful message letting you know how to find the page you are looking for. However, by default, these messages aren’t very helpful in most cases.

default error page

Luckily for us we don’t have to always see these boring pages. You can style your server error message any way you would like. It isn’t only more attractive for users but allows them to find other ways to search for the information they are looking for. This keeps the users on your page and allows new clients to communicate with old ones. [...]

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Seven Elements of a Successful Web Presence

There is more to an effective Website than great looking graphics. In fact there are seven crucial elements every site needs to maximize profits.

1. Balanced Visual Appeal – Of course your site needs to have a clean, attractive design. The Web is a visual medium and an ugly website is often the kiss of death.

But your graphics should not distract attention from your marketing message. If your site is an online video game or movie promotion of course it’s ok to have a full-blown flash intro and loads of cutting-edge animations, but if you are marketing a more traditional product or service you should avoid going overboard on the visual presentation.
Also a visitor should not have side scroll to view your entire page. This adds a sluggish feel to the browsing experience and should be avoided if at all possible.

2. Awareness of the 60 Second Rule – It’s safe to assume the average Web surfer will give your site a maximum of 60 seconds of their time unless you actively compel them to stay longer. The truth is statistics vary from market to market, and in many cases your window for first impression can be as short as 8 seconds! [...]

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